The human brain has a tendency to gloss over mistakes in order to make sense of a sentence. This is especially the case when it comes to our own work, since we know exactly what we intend to say. For this reason, it can be very difficult for us to proofread pieces we have written ourselves with the precision and accuracy that academia requires.

If you are a non-native speaker of English and have to write in academic English, the task is even harder. No matter how advanced your knowledge of the language, it is extremely difficult to write to the required standard in natural-sounding English without the help of a native speaker.


My proofreading service entails checking your work to eliminate typing errors and ensure accuracy and consistency in spelling, punctuation, grammar and layout.

My copy-editing service includes the above, but also involves ensuring that the writing is as clear as it can be. This might entail rewording all or part of a sentence to make sure that the English is accurate and sounds as natural as possible. After copy-editing, a text written by a non-native speaker of English will be of native-speaker standard.

Proofreading and copy-editing do not entail adding to, rewriting or restructuring the text, reducing the word count, additional research, or any changes whatsoever to the content.


With a PhD in linguistics and a sharp eye for detail, I specialise in proofreading and copy-editing academic papers, articles, theses and monographs in the arts and humanities, especially in the field of linguistics, and particularly for academics who are non-native speakers of English.

If you are a university student, I am also happy to proofread or copy-edit your essay, dissertation or thesis, if this is permitted by your institution.

Although I specialise in the arts and humanities, I have proofread and copy-edited work from a wide range of other fields and am happy to undertake work on any subject.


The work is sent to me as a Word document and I then make changes using the Track Changes function. This ensures that you as the author of the work retain complete control of the text: any changes made by me can be accepted or rejected as you see fit. Payment is only due when you are completely satisfied.

When getting in touch, please let me know whether you require proofreading or copy-editing. If you are not sure, I will be able to offer advice.


What sort of work do you proofread or copy-edit?

I proofread and copy-edit academic work written in English by native and non-native speakers of English.

Where do you do the work?

Proofreading and copy-editing work is undertaken by me on a freelance basis at my home.

Do you proofread or copy-edit for students?

Most of my proofreading and copy-editing work is done for academics writing papers to be given at conferences, as well as articles and books for publication. For undergraduate students, postgraduate students on taught programmes and postgraduate research students, each university has its own rules about what is allowed with regards to proofreading and copy-editing by a third party. I will only proofread or copy-edit work for students provided this is permitted by your institution and provided you supply evidence of this. Any proofreading or copy-editing of work that is to be submitted for assessment will be carried out strictly in accordance with the rules of the institution at which the work is to be assessed.

What about bibliographies and/or references?

If agreed as part of the work, I will check bibliographies and references for consistency and/or adherence to a particular style guide as appropriate. Please let me know if you require this.

How much does it cost?

Each piece of work is priced individually, based on the number of words, whether proofreading or copy-editing is required, the degree of specialisation and the quality of the text. A fixed price (not an estimate) will be given and agreed upon before work commences. Although I do not charge by the hour, prices are based on the CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) suggested hourly rates for proofreading and copy-editing, which can be found here.

How and when do I pay?

Payment is made by bank transfer and is due when the work is finished and you are completely satisfied. In the case of longer pieces of work, payment might be required in stages. If this is the case, the payment schedule will be agreed in advance with you.

How do I send the work to you?

The text to be proofread or copy-edited must be emailed to me as a Word document. I will then make suggestions for corrections using the Track Changes function. Any queries will be made using the Comments function. You are free to accept or reject individual changes as you see fit.

What if I have queries about changes and suggestions you have made?

Further discussion of the work, if necessary, can be undertaken by email, telephone or Skype.

My publisher has requested that I use their style guide. Will you be able to work with that?

Yes, of course. If you have a style guide that you wish me to use (from the publisher, your university or another source), please let me know in advance of any work commencing and please provide a copy of the style guide. If you do not have a style guide but wish me to adhere to particular conventions (e.g. UK or US spelling), please let me know in advance of any work commencing. Otherwise, I will proofread or copy-edit work using the MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) style guide.

I have a really tight deadline. Can you work to that?

I will do my utmost to fit you in, but at certain times of the year, I can become extremely busy. Whether or not your submission deadline is tight, please remember to leave enough time for queries between the proofreading or copy-editing deadline and your submission deadline.

What about confidentiality?

I will not share your work or any portion of it with any third party.

Can I see evidence of your qualifications?

Yes, all my certificates (PhD, MA, BA, PGCE) are available to view on request.



Whether you require one-to-one tuition for your child in preparation for an exam, would like to learn a foreign language, or have an academic paper due for submission but no time to carry out a thorough check, I am here to assist you from my Manchester base.
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