Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a career doing something which is also one of their passions, but I definitely count myself among the lucky ones! In fact, I should probably start this with a confession: when I was at school, I actually used to put my hand up to correct grammatical mistakes and typos that I found in the worksheets distributed by the teacher… I know. But that pretty much sums up how I find myself where I am today, making a living out of insisting on accuracy in language. Whether it’s proofreading an academic article or helping a year 10 student to understand the basics of Spanish grammar, the common thread is the pleasure I take in clear and fluent communication.

That pleasure also involves sharing my enjoyment through teaching. I spent two years teaching English abroad as part of my undergraduate degree in Modern Languages, one year near Paris and another near Stuttgart, and I also taught German to undergraduate students while I was completing my MA and PhD in linguistics at the University of Manchester. After my PGCE, I worked as a secondary school teacher in the North-West of England, teaching both French and German to A-level. Since then I’ve accumulated teaching experience in a whole range of different contexts, including GCSE Spanish and GCSE English. I found it especially rewarding working one-to-one in schools with students who needed support outside mainstream lessons. My private tuition now means I get to build that one-to-one relationship with all my students and make a real difference to their progression week after week.

I really love the flexibility and variety of my work, teaching at all levels from primary school to degree level, and working with academics to correct and fine-tune their writing so that it’s ready for publication or submission. The two strands complement each other really well, and best of all I get to indulge my childhood passion for language!


I am a highly qualified linguist and teacher and fluent speaker of French, German and Spanish. My qualifications include:

  • PhD in the field of English-German cognitive linguistics, entitled ‘A Comparative Analysis of Antonymy and Hybrid Anto-Complementarity in English and German within a Cognitive Framework’, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and supervised by Professor Martin Durrell and D. A. Cruse (University of Manchester)

  • PGCE (Secondary, MFL) (Manchester Metropolitan University)

  • MA in Linguistics, awarded with distinction (University of Manchester)

  • BA (Double Hons) in Modern Languages (German (First Class) and French (2:1, with distinction in the spoken language)) (University of Manchester). This six-year degree comprised four years of study and two years abroad, and was the equivalent of taking two single honours degrees at the same time. It involved studying German and French literature, history, politics and linguistics, as well as language. I also had the opportunity to study Old English, as well as 19th- and 20th-century English literature. Furthermore, I studied Icelandic and, on completing my degree, was awarded the Arwid Johannson Exhibition for Excellence in Germanic Philology.


I have many years’ experience of teaching and private tuition, including:

  • two years teaching English as a foreign language in schools in France and Germany

  • four years teaching German language and linguistics to undergraduates at the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University

  • five years as a secondary school teacher of French and German (both up to A-level) in schools in the UK, including three years as Key Stage 3 coordinator

  • two years as a one-to-one tutor of English at Key Stage 3 and GCSE, and of English as a foreign language, in secondary schools in the North-West of England

  • more than ten years as a private one-to-one tutor of German, French, Spanish and English.


I have many years' experience of working as an academic translator and copy-editor for academics at the Leibniz Institut für Deutsche Sprache (Leibniz Institute for German Language) in Mannheim, Germany. I have also worked for academics at a wide range of other institutions, including the University of Manchester, University of Liverpool, Cardiff University, Royal Holloway, University of London and Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf. Most of the copy-editing work I have undertaken has been for academics who are non-native speakers of English. I have worked mainly in the field of linguistics but have also undertaken work from other areas of study, inside and outside the humanities (e.g. literature and medicine).


For more information about my Didsbury home-based private tutoring service in Manchester, please visit my private tuition page. If you would like to learn more about my proofreading and copy-editing service, you can find further details here. Alternatively, please get in touch to discuss how I may help you.