Hello. My name is Victoria Philpotts. As a qualified MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) teacher with a PhD in linguistics, I offer individual tuition in French for all abilities, from Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level through to university degree level. For GCSE and A-level, I can work to any examination board, including AQA, Edexcel, WJEC/Eduqas, Cambridge, etc. Sessions are available online via Skype or Zoom, or at my home in Didsbury, Manchester.


Key Stage 3 French

Modern languages lessons at secondary school are many children’s first serious encounter with language-learning. This can be daunting, and some children may require a little extra help.


Tuition can be especially beneficial in Year 9 if the student is intending to take a language at GCSE, to ensure that the right foundations are in place and to get a head start for the challenging new GCSE specifications.

KS3 French: £36 per hour


GCSE French


Whether it’s getting to grips with the fundamentals (e.g. gender, tenses, adjectival agreement) or perfecting the more complex features (e.g. the subjunctive) that can help students achieve the top grades, I base my teaching on a thorough grounding in the grammar requirements at GCSE level. This is essential for building up students’ core skills, where improved vocabulary and comprehension gained from listening and reading practice feed into active language use in speaking and writing. As well as developing core skills, I provide specific exam preparation as follows:

Reading exam I work through reading texts in detail with the student, improving their vocabulary-learning, their grasp of the structures of French and their understanding of meaning in French texts.

Listening exam Practice listening exercises and past papers are used to build on the student’s listening comprehension skills, increasing their ability to identify meaning quickly and securely in spoken French.

Speaking exam Helping the student to prepare answers to common questions and practising sample and past role plays/photo cards develops their confidence and fluency in oral French.

Writing exam I practise grammar exercises, written questions and translation with the student to significantly enhance their confidence and accuracy in active text production.

GCSE French: £36 per hour


A-Level French


The leap from GCSE to A-level can seem a little overwhelming. As well as more advanced vocabulary and grammar, A-level French involves challenging new elements for the student, e.g. discussing contemporary issues relating to French-speaking countries, reading French literature, watching French films and writing analytical essays in the target language. Even very able students can benefit hugely from extra help in these areas to enable them to reach the standard they are capable of achieving.

For each student, I plan a structured series of individually tailored sessions, practising all four core skills in order to achieve:

  • the highest levels of grammatical competence

  • confident and detailed comprehension of a range of texts (reading and listening)

  • accurate and fluent language production at an advanced level (speaking and writing).

As part of my A-level tuition, I provide intensive, practical preparation for each exam component and offer specialist one-to-one support in the following areas: researching and presenting independent projects (e.g. for speaking exams); talking about a wide range of topics in response to stimulus cards; reading and analysing in depth any set literary text or film; and setting and marking practice essays, with detailed personalised feedback on both language and content.

A-Level French: £40 per hour


Degree Level French


Having also taught at university level, I understand what is needed to achieve the best possible degree result. Specific, targeted support in grammar, translation, writing skills or preparation for speaking exams can make all the difference in securing a 2:1 or First Class result.


Tuition at this level is highly individualised, so if you are specialising in French at university and need extra help, please get in touch to discuss your needs. I am also able to offer help with certain content courses (e.g. those relating to linguistics) and with advanced academic writing (essays and dissertations).

Degree Level French: £45 per hour


French for Adult Learners/Non-Specialist University Students


If you are a university student taking a degree in a subject other than French, you might want or need to learn French as part of your studies, perhaps because you are spending time in a French-speaking country or because you would like to add a highly sought-after skill to your CV.


I also provide tuition for adult learners of French, both beginners and those with more advanced knowledge. Whatever the reason, and no matter what level you’re at, please do get in touch to see how I can help with an individual programme of lessons.

French for adult learners/non-specialist university students: £36 per hour



Get in touch to discuss how I can help. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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